IRS or Florida Department of Revenue – Have you received a letter from the IRS? if yes, please call us at (561) 336-4913 or fill out the questionaire – click here .
We have over 25 years of experience in securing offer and compromises, removing tax liens and solving the unsolvable IRS problems.

Tax Return Preparation – We can prepare tax returns for all of your individual and business needs. 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706 and much more.

Financial Statement Preparation – We can prepare financial statements that you require. Write up and accounting work also provided including bank reconciliations, adjustments and other bookkeeping functions as needed..

Set Up Your New Business – Not only do we help you decide on the best form of ownership based on your goals, but we can have your business legally open, same day electronically.

Management Consulting – Do you need a controller but cannot afford to hire one full time? We can help provide controllership type functions including analysis and streamlining of your financial systems. Do you need help with Human Resources? Up to date with all of today’s regulations? Ask how we can help you with all of your HR and Management needs.

Payroll Processing – We can help with all your payroll needs including filing of quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and forms. We can even process your payroll for you if you want.

Elder Care Services – Rick is the former chairman of the Elder care sub committee of the Florida Institute of CPA’s, and has long been a leading advocate for the elderly. We at Rick LeNoble, CPA have recognized that as America ages, many elderly persons in South Florida no longer have family members nearby or available to assist them with independent living. Our CPA Elder Care Services brings together the trust you have in our profession with your family’s need to assure that the daily and long term financial needs of your elderly family member are being met. Our staff and your responsible family member will specifically identify the services that you wish our firm to provide. These services include the following:

* Assess and evaluate the desires and goals of the client and family to facilitate decision making
* Record receipts and deposits and account income, providing assurance that expected revenues are received.
* Review and pay bills and assess transactions for reasonableness
* Monitor investments and accounting for the client’s assets in conjunction with your investment advisor
* Income Tax and Trust Tax Return preparation, along with planning for the minimum amount of tax required
* Provide information for handling unusual or unexpected situations
* Prepare payroll and tax filings for household employees and independent contractors
* Report to client and family on monthly activities, including complete accounting for all financial transactions
* Work with your insurance professional to provide appropriate long-term care, Medicare/Medigap, and life insurance
recommendations for the preservation of assets
* Coordinate with your other service providers for minor home repairs, routine maintenance, etc.
* Provide referrals to local services and agencies (examples: health, legal, financial, and home care)